Your Values and Your One Word

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In my last post, I wrote about what I discovered in Your One Word, The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life That Matters.

I’ve heard from a number of you, and I wanted to clarify exactly what your one word is and isn’t.

Your one word isn't a New Year's Resolution. It’s not a word you use for a certain phase or season of life. It's not something you randomly come up with.

Your one word is who you are.

It doesn't change.

It stays constant throughout your life.

Consider it the rudder to your boat called Life, steering you in the right direction and keeping you on track with who you truly are.

If you’re serious about discovering your one word or personal motto, I encourage you to go through at least the first part of the book. It's only  about 70 pages. Answer the questions, read the examples and think about what your one word could be.

If you want to apply your word to your business, parts two and three will walk you through that.

Your Values

Your one word will be congruent with your values. Because we are unique individuals, our values will be different.

Your one word will resonate deeply with you when you find it. It will feel right and clearly “you.”

My top 10 values are:

1. Peace | God
2. Authenticity | Integrity
3. Love and Connection
4. Loving kindness (tenderness and consideration toward others)

For me, I wanted a word that went further than respect. Yes, loving kindness includes dignity and respect, but it also includes being compassionate and considerate and non-judgmental.

That means stopping to listen fully when someone speaks. Asking questions to learn more about them. Going the extra mile to brighten their day or make sure they’re okay. Basically, it’s a life-affirming value that lifts others up instead of tearing them down.

5. Health
6. Humor and Fun
7. Courage
8. Contribution
9. Excellence
10. Simplicity

I limited my list to 10, but you can customize your list as you like.

There are a lot of values tests online that will help you determine what your values are. You can sign up for free resources from Darren Hardy. The resources include a values assessment.

Connect with me on my Facebook page and let me know what your top five or 10 values are.

Be #True, and have a Refreshing and Productive Day!