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A Simple, 3-Step Process To Give The BEST Valentine’s Day Gift...Ever


With all the texting, typing and recording we do, handwritten notes can be considered old-fashioned and outdated. 

But that's the beauty of them.

Giving a heartfelt note is something completely different and unexpected.

Especially when the note is a message tailored especially for your loved one, whether friend or family member.

Here's a simple formula for writing personalized notes not just on Valentine's Day, but throughout the year:

Begin with Dear [insert name],

  1. Describe a character trait or action you like/appreciate about the person. 
  2. Tell him/her how the trait/action makes you feel. 
  3. Offer a thank you or encouragement to your loved one.

Close your message with "Be My Valentine" or "I Love You" or whatever you're comfortable with, and sign your name.

For each point above, use as many sentences as you need to express yourself fully. 

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. This simple note can speak volumes this Valentine’s Day. 

Check out the video for details.

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