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Examine Your Unique Midlife Story (Simple Saturdays)

Episode 79 | (00:11):
Welcome to Simple Saturdays. In the last episode, I talked about choosing your own midlife adventure so you can get a little pizzazz in your everyday life. Because there's nothing that'll put a zip in your step faster than having an adventure that makes your story more interesting and more fun.

So today I want to take another look at your story, but this time with a quote. It's from a card my mother gave me many years ago, and I loved it so much that I have it framed and hanging on my wall.

It's from the Dayspring line of cards and it's from a song called "Far Faithful" by Raymond Badham. It says:

"God is writing a book about you. The pages tell of your life and the lives you were created to touch. No one else will take exactly the same path as you, meet the same people, or have a chance to show the love of God in the same way. You are unique and so is your story, and it's one of the Author's favorite reads."

You are here for a purpose, friend. A unique purpose that no one else can complete, except you. It's all written on the pages of the book that God is writing about you...

And this is your year to take the time to read those pages and explore how you can be tangible evidence of God's love to people who need to experience it, now more than ever.

I'm here to help you find that purpose, with this podcast and with the upcoming online course that'll be available in the next month or two.

You were created for more. So don't shy away from that this year, okay?

Thanks for joining me for Simple Saturdays. I'll see you in the next episode and until then, peace, love and blessings to you and yours. Take care. Bye-bye!


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