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Refresh Your Year: Create A Delightful New Year By Taking A Midlife Look Back

Episode 77 | (00:00):
Hey there, friend. Welcome to the fourth and final episode of the Refresh Your Year series.

I originally designed this series to help you refresh your thinking and your outlook before the beginning of the new year but honestly, these steps can be used any time of the year.

Because when you make a decision to set some goals, getting new perspective always helps, doesn't it? 

So let's do a quick review of the series, then I'm going to leave you with a lovely exercise to close out this year and move into next year. Does that sound good? All right, let's do this!

Hey there, Easy Ager. If you are not already an Easy Aging® Insider, go to right after this episode and sign up today. Okay, so let's do a quick review of episode 72, 74, and 75, which are the three key components of the Refresh Your Year series.

Episode 72 is the first episode in the series. I talked about the importance of knowing your values so you can make sure that you're setting goals that align with those values. This means you'll be achieving things that are meaningful and fulfilling to you.

In episode 74, I gave you one of these simplest life hacks for setting goals. You are going to be amazed at how much more effective your goal setting is once you start implementing this.

And in episode 75, I talked about getting a little awe and wonder into your life because when we live our lives with awe and wonder, life is lighter and it's much more manageable. Awe and wonder help you focus the lens a bit so you can hone in on what your midlife purpose is.

So that's a quick wrap up of the first three episodes. If you haven't heard them yet, please go back and listen because you're going to find great value there.

Today's episode offers you a way to close out this year with a little "moment," a little bit of remembrance of what the past year looked like. Remembering where you've been helps you move forward to where you want to be.

Now, whether your year was perfect or not isn't the issue. Seeing how much progress you've made, reflecting on the lessons you learned, looking at all your relationships — these are the important things to help you get a clearer view of what's next for you.

So today, I have a list of questions for you. I have no idea where this list came from. I just know that they're excellent prompts to help you start thinking a little bit deeper about things.

You can download and print out the PDF, and answer the questions at your convenience. The first page is about completing this past year and looking back. The second page is about what you want to create next year.

My biggest suggestion for this: take your time. Take your time filling it out. You don't have to get this done in one sitting. Jot down a few notes, put it down, get a cup of coffee or even come back to it the next day if you need to.

Do whatever works for you. These questions are simply to help you reflect on the past year so you can close the door and start moving into the new year with a bit of momentum and enthusiasm.

That's it for today. Pretty simple, right? All you have to do is download and print out the PDF, and start writing!

Here's wishing you the healthiest, happiest, most prosperous New Year ever. I can't wait to see what results you create next year!

I'll see you in the next episode. And until then, peace, love and blessings to you and yours. Take care. Bye-bye!


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