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Put A Zip In Your Step FAST By Doing This Simple Thing Every Day

Episode 68 | (00:00):
Are you looking for some midlife energy? Well, today's episode is going to put a zip in your step fast by doing one simple thing every day. It's simple, it's easy, it's straightforward. 

It's also surprisingly powerful and effective. Are you ready to find out what this is? All right, let's dive in. I'll see you on the other side.

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Ah, midlife energy — That's what we're talking about today. Let me give you a quote from Brendan Burchard who wrote "High Performance Habits." He says:

"High performers have the magical trifecta of capital 'E' energy, that holistic kind that includes positive and enduring mental, physical and emotional vibrancy."

Vibrancy, I like that word. I want all of what he just said. I want the mental, physical and emotional vibrancy.

He says it's the key force that helps them perform better in so many areas of their lives. And if you can capture it, you can live the life you want.

When he's talking about this vibrancy, obviously he's not talking about energy that's just physical. He's also talking about the mental and the emotional energy.

And personally, I would add spiritual energy because connecting with God is so refreshing and invigorating. It gives you new hope and confidence. It reminds you that you're alive, that you have a purpose here on this earth, and that you can make a difference in this world.

In midlife, we need this energy to find our purpose, to contribute to our communities and to enhance every one of our relationships. So how do we get it?

It's simple: Set an intention for your day. This is so important because it gives your day some direction. It provides some structure to your day. It gives you a sense of purpose. Without this, life gets a little boring and all the days start feeling the same...

Just like during the pandemic. Remember the pandemic? Yeah, I don't want to remember it either. We were all way too connected to our Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon accounts, right?

So let's not go through life like we did during the pandemic. Let's start making some changes with these intentions. Intentions are promises that you make to yourself and if you set them correctly, you can literally change your life.

Here's an important thing to remember: You don't have to change your life all at one time, friend. Sometimes we think of where we want to be and we get these gargantuan, huge, massive ideas of "That's the goal, and I've got to go after it."

Then we think we have to make all these changes in the next 24 hours. Here's a reminder: You didn't get here overnight. You're not where you are today because of something that happened yesterday.

We all need to be more realistic about what has happened. You didn't get here overnight, but you did get here by making small, daily choices that may not have benefited you.

But here's the good news: You can make a decision right now to start making different small, daily choices that do benefit you. How's that sound?

Be patient with yourself. Extend grace to yourself. Be nice. Don't be a bully to yourself. You deserve better than that, okay?

When it comes to setting intentions, you can make changes with fun-sized actions, which is how Easy Agers do it. Let me give you a few examples to get you going.

If you find yourself sleeping in a little too much, just plan on getting up two minutes earlier tomorrow than you did today. That's it. Just two little minutes. It won't affect your sleep cycle, and you can still gently start moving yourself back to the schedule that you want to be on.

Sit outside and enjoy nature for two minutes, even if it's cold. Here in North Texas it's getting a little chilly, but I can assure you that sitting outside for two minutes in cold weather will definitely give you some energy and wake you up really fast!

Exchange one processed food for a real food each day. Processed foods have a bunch of ingredients that you probably can't pronounce, and they generally come in a package or in an order at the drive-thru.

Think chips, cookie sodas, french fries. Think about that versus the produce and meat sections of your local grocery store. If you switch out one food a day, you're going to start improving your health.

Turn off the audio notifications on your phone. I talked about this in episode 50, "The Steps I'm Taking To Stop Feeling Like Pavlov's Dog In Midlife." I currently have no sound notifications coming in on my phone except for phone calls. And let me tell you, it is bliss.

The last one — and this is so important — connect with at least one person a day who encourages you and lifts you up instead of tearing you down. These life-affirming relationships are refreshing and fulfilling, and they are indeed the spice of life.

So start making new friends if you need to. We talked about that in the last couple of episodes. Bring people into your life that are going to impact you in a positive way.

So that's it for today. Get some energy back into your life by setting these intentions. Keep them on a yellow sticky in front of you or on your phone so you don't forget, and you will be amazed at the changes you'll be seeing in your life.

This one's simple. It's easy, and oh my goodness, it gives you so much midlife energy. I will see you in the next episode and until then, peace, love and blessings to you and yours. Take care. Bye-bye!


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