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How Your Midlife Creativity Can Be The Secret Ingredient To Improving Your Problem-Solving Skills

Episode 69 | (00:00):
Hey there, friend. Today we're talking about how your midlife creativity can be the secret ingredient to improving your problem-solving skills. Now, you may not think you're creative, but I'm going to say, "Nonsense."

You were designed with a creative gene,...


Release Your Incredible Creative Self And Live An Amplified Life (Simple Saturdays)

Episode 56 | (00:10):
Hey there, welcome to Simple Saturdays. Since we're on the topic of creativity this week, here's an inspiring quote from Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, "Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear."

"A creative life is an amplified life. It's a bigger life, a happier...


Kick-Start Your Midlife Creativity With This Simple Exercise And Get Those Ideas Flowing Again!

Episode 55 | (00:00):
Hey there, friend. Are you ready to kick-start your midlife creativity with a simple exercise that will get those ideas flowing again?

Do you remember when you were little and somebody handed you the construction paper and the crayons, and it just flowed. Your...


Feeling Bored? A Simple, 3-Step Formula To Boost Your Midlife Creativity And Make Things Interesting Again

Episode 48 | (00:00):
Hey there, friend, are you feeling a little bored, a little blah, a little meh. Well today, you're going to learn about a simple, 3-step formula that's going to boost your midlife creativity and make things interesting again. How cool does that sound? Are you ready to...


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