The First Step to Financial Fitness

The first step to becoming financially fit is saving money. This free app (yes, I said free) is a savings platform that allows you to save at practically all the name-brand stores where you’re already shopping.

Being financially literate is the next step. Financial literacy is about so much more than having a budget. Learning the Offense, the Defense and the Playing Field of money will get you — and keep you — on top of your finances so you can release debt and finally be at peace with money.

The Financial Fitness Program helps you become financially literate. With this program, you’ll create a wealth mindset and establish a new way of living that builds you up and gives you hope for the future.

Please accept my invitation to begin saving on your everyday purchases. And if you have questions about the app or about how to become financially literate, connect with me for a free, 30-minute consultation.

(If asked, promo code is Abundance.)

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Watch the Videos

Click the button above or visit to download the savings app through your app store.

There’s a video in the invitation that gives you a great overview. Once you download the app, look under Tutorials > Merchants and you’ll find videos on how to set up the app, how to use the app and how to set up your spouse’s account. You’ll also find a video for using GroupOn, along with some FAQs.

Verify Your Account

You’ll go through a verification process for your security. This confirms your identity and helps prevent fraud.

The process will take you a few minutes, so please plan accordingly.

Once you’re set up, you can begin using the app and saving money immediately.

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Use the App

After setting up the app and getting verified, you’re ready to begin saving with the app. Watch the video within your app that shows you how to use it.

Tell the server or cashier that you’re paying with an e-gift card or digital gift card. That lets them know what buttons to push on the register.

Put in the total amount and generate your gift card. You’ll receive a bar code and/or a gift card number and PIN. Some merchants don’t use scanners, so they’ll need to enter the gift card number into their registers.

Shopping Boss will email you an order summary every time you use the app so you can see how much money was put into your account.


To get the hang of this quickly, pay with the app three to five times in a row. After that, you’ll be a pro at finding participating stores and using the app frequently in your daily life.

Also, if you’re at a restaurant and want to include a tip, be sure to include the tip on the total amount of the gift card.

EX: If your bill is $20 and you want to give a $4 tip, enter $24 into the app. The server will bring you a paper receipt, and you’ll see a balance of $4. Write that amount on the line for the tip, sign the receipt, and you’re done.