The C4 Savings App

Financial literacy is about so much more than having a budget. Sure, budgeting is part of it, but so is making and saving more money. Being financially literate is also about truly understanding money so you can make it your slave, rather than being a slave to it.

Learning the Offense, the Defense and the Playing Field of money will get you — and keep you — financially fit so you can release debt and finally be at peace with money. The Financial Fitness Program is the first step to becoming financially literate. You’ll create a new mindset and a new way of living that builds you up and gives you hope for the future.

Another step in your financial literacy journey is saving money. This free app (yes, I said free) helps you save daily at some of the most recognizable retail stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Please accept my invitation to begin saving on your everyday purchases. And if you have questions, be sure to connect with me.


Download the App

Click the button above or visit to download the savings app through your app store.

Register through the app, and follow the “Setup Instructions.” You’ll also see “How to Setup Spouse Credentials” and “How to Use the Payment App,” as well as some FAQs you can review.


Setting Up Multiple Accounts

Each person using the app must register for his/her own account. Trying to have multiple users on one account will trigger security measures that will lock down the account.

So it’s one person on one account for one device. Under “Setup Instructions” in the app, there’s an option titled, “How to Set Up Spouse Credentials.”

Feel free to send family, friends and colleagues to this page or give them the registration link,, so they can set up their accounts and have some fun saving too.


Using the App

Under “Setup Instructions” in the app, there’s an option on “How to Use the Payment App.” That gives you all the info you need to pay with the app.

Some merchants don’t use scanners, so you’ll also have a gift code number and a PIN for them to use.

To get the hang of this quickly, you should pay with the app three to five times in a row. After that, you’ll be a pro at finding participating stores and using the app frequently in your daily life.