Meet Michelle

Hi, I'm Michelle!
(You can call me "Z")

Jesus Follower.

Nap Lover.

Lifelong Learner.

Fun Seeker.

Pilates Devotee.

Passionate Podcaster.

Arts Fanatic.

Certified Coach.

Recovering Vegetarian.

Enthusiastic Reader.

Proud Native Texan.

Easy Aging® Expert. 

The Easy Aging® Expert...

...who specializes in helping Midlifers answer the big “What Now?” question for the second half of life. 

My mission is to inspire you to rediscover your energy, find your midlife identity, and live out your purpose with gusto and enthusiasm. With this, you can be at peace with the direction of your life and the legacy you’ll be leaving.

My story begins when... mother passed away in 2016. I felt so lost and directionless. Caring for her took so much of my focus and energy so when she was gone, it felt like my purpose in life was gone.

When I resurfaced from my grieving, I started searching for the answer to the big “What Now?” question that was hanging over me.

I wanted to go in a new direction that would refresh me and fulfill me and make my second half of life fun and exciting.

So I set out to reinvent myself.

With 25+ years in personal development... 

...and a coaching certification, I didn't think it would be too hard. But I was wrong.

It felt like it was one step forward, two steps back but I kept at it. I knew that the tools and strategies worked, I just had to figure out what would work best to help me live the peaceful and vibrant life I was craving.

This effort led me to create my three-part proprietary process called The ACE Approach, which stands for awareness, clarity and ease.

Now, I'm sharing what I've learned with Easy Agers...

... who are spirited Midlifers focused on living juicy, delicious lives filled with purpose and passion.

My weekly podcastThe Easy Aging® Show, offers you tips and strategies on how to savor life after 40 with new perspective and small, fun-sized actions.

And be sure to check out my Facebook page to stay updated on Easy Aging® happenings.

Thanks for checking out my site. Please let me know how I can support you!

3 Things To Know About Me

I started reading when I was 2 years old. 

I've turned the 20-minute power nap into an art form.

I start my day with Pilates, decaf & Jesus. 

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