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How A Simple, One-Word Question Can Help You Find Your Midlife Purpose And Live With More Gusto

Hey there, Easy Ager. Today's topic is one that holds the power to transform your life in ways you may not have imagined.

Before we get started, I wanted to share a review of "The Easy Aging Show." I talk to you about finding something that makes your heart sing, but you know what makes my heart sing? Reading these comments about how this podcast has made such a difference for you.

That means you're taking these simple little points every week. You're doing the exercises, giving them a lot of thought, and you're applying them to your life.

This is a five-star rating and review by BFF Heather who says:

"So glad I found this show! I turned 50 in July and also recently emptied half of my nest! Thank you, Michelle, for pointing out the positive aspects of being in midlife, because it can be a time of such mixed emotions. I'm excited that I am free of some of the past responsibilities, but I'm also a little sad. Your show is giving me so much hope transitioning into this new season. Please keep the episodes coming!"

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Today is all about the simple act of questioning yourself so you can unlock a world of clarity, simplicity and progress. We're talking about the magic of asking yourself why.

I'm going to give you three benefits of asking yourself this little question. Then I'll be leaving you with a simple exercise so you can start asking yourself why in a few areas of your own life.

Benefit 1: It helps you get clarity

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you're unsure about your goals or the path you're on? That's where the magic of why comes in. Asking yourself why you do something is like turning on a spotlight in the foggy landscape scape of confusion.

Let's say you're considering a career change. Instead of just going through the motions, why don't you pause for a moment and ask yourself, "Why do you want to make this change? Why do you want to follow this path?"

Is it to get time freedom so you can have more flexibility and do what you want, when you want? Is it for financial freedom? Is it to go after your passion? Is it to have a healthier work-life balance?

Asking why is how I started this podcast. After my mother passed away, I was foggy on what was next for me. I wanted to start a new line of business within my current business. I've done this a lot over the years to create different income streams, from voice acting to facilitation to doing public relations and media relations.

One of the things I've learned is that asking myself why I wanted to do something can be the most powerful question in the world.

After asking why, along with a lot of prayer and contemplation, I realized was that this podcast is my purpose at this moment in time. God didn't give me a love for this type of work by accident. He put this all in motion nearly 30 years ago.

I was introduced to personal growth work in 1995, and my love for it has grown over the years. God saw everything in advance, and He knew I was going to be starting the podcast and sharing this information with you to help make your midlife journey easier.

When you're clear on your why and you look at something as your purpose or ministry or calling, you get clarity. And that clarity creates excitement, a new level of commitment, and a willingness to go the extra mile and go through the tough times to make things work.

Asking why will always draw you one step closer to that type of clarity.

Benefit 2: It simplifies your life

We live in a world of distractions and endless to-do lists. Asking yourself why can be your secret weapon to cut through the noise and find your true priorities. The key word in that sentence is priorities.

Picture this: You're overwhelmed with commitments and feel like you're being pulled in a dozen different directions. That means it's time to look at your to-do list and your calendar. Ask yourself why for every single item:

Why are you doing this task? Why did you agree to attend that event?

Are you doing these things because they align with your priorities, or is it just a habit? Maybe you say yes to everything, or maybe you don't know how to say no to people.

Either way, you have to ask why to get your priorities straight. Because when your priorities are straight, you'll have more time for the connections and the activities that are actually meaningful to you.

Asking yourself why simplifies your life. It's like decluttering your mental space and creating room for what truly matters. And in my experience, a lot of it falls into place fairly easily once you know your priorities.

Benefit 3: It helps you move forward and make progress

Asking yourself why is giving yourself a roadmap to move forward. It's not just about understanding your current situation, it's about charting a course to where you want to be.

Think about a goal you set for yourself. It could be getting in shape or starting a business or learning a new skill. When you ask yourself why, you uncover the driving force behind your actions.

Once you know why, you'll have the fuel that propels you forward, even when things get tough.

Like I said earlier, knowing that this podcast is my purpose and my calling fuels my determination to do it for you every single week. Asking yourself why propels you forward. It's like having your own little GPS system that's guiding you toward your goals.

A few questions to ask yourself

To determine your why, set a timer for two to five minutes and ask yourself why in a few areas of your own life. Jot down some notes as you do this.

Ask yourself questions like:

"Why am I doing this? Why is this so important to me? Why does it matter?"

You're probably not going to get to the whole answer at one time. It may take you a few sessions to figure it out. You may need to percolate it on it for a week or two, or maybe even a month.

Whether it's for clarity, simplifying your life or moving forward, this one-word question can be the key to unlocking a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life for yourself.

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